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Energy and the Environment

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  1. Introduction
  2. Transport Fuels
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  3. Energy Sources: Fossil Fuels
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  4. Energy Sources: Renewables
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  5. Electricity
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  6. Energy Sources: Nuclear
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  7. Demand Response
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  8. Energy/Emissions Policy
    15 Topics
  9. Energy Economics
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The Demand Curve

Abdulaziz July 16, 2020
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Baseload to Peak Load

Saudi Arabia electricity generation by fuel type

In Saudi Arabia, electricity is mostly generated using crude oil and refined petroleum products and this would not change even under existing policies for fueling future generation capacity. Figure presents the amounts of fuels we project as being used for electricity generation in the years 2015 and 2032; these values take into account fuels used for co-generation. The consumption of crude oil would decline significantly in the alternative scenarios or be discontinued altogether. Oil-fired generation would be replaced with natural gas and alternative technologies, except in the Investment Credits Scenario. Despite unchanged gas allocation, replacing turbines with combined-cycle plants frees up the gas needed to expand gas-fired generation. According to our model, all forms of oil would be removed from the power system by the year 2022 with immediate deregulation – crude oil would no longer be used as from the year 2018.

Walid Matar, Frederic Murphy, Axel Pierru, Bertrand Rioux, David Wogan (KAPSARC)
Fuel consumption for electricity generation (

The potential role of CSP in the Saudi power system

The technology shares in total electricity generation (TWh) 2015-2032 (