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Energy and the Environment

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  1. Introduction
  2. Transport Fuels
    5 Topics
  3. Energy Sources: Fossil Fuels
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  4. Energy Sources: Renewables
    10 Topics
  5. Electricity
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  6. Energy Sources: Nuclear
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  7. Demand Response
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  8. Energy/Emissions Policy
    15 Topics
  9. Energy Economics
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Lesson 7, Topic 5
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Alternatives to Peaking Plants

Abdulaziz July 19, 2020
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  • Reducing the peaks
    • Aggregated distributed s torage
      • Small scale batteries
    • Grid scale storage
      • Big batteries
      • Pumped hydro
    • Community micro grid
    • Demand Response

Examples of solar+storage solutions

Cost-effective solar+storage solutions are already in place, and more are on the way. Tesla’s 17 MW solar + 52 MWh storage facility on Kauai stores solar energy during the day to use at night, making solar dispatchable when it is needed rather than only when the sun is shining. AES’ 28-MW solar + 100 MWh storage facility, also on Kauai, will provide 11% of the island’s electricity needs, at 11¢/kWh for dispatchable solar. And LADWP’s planned 400 MW solar+storage project will have a price for solar of 1.997¢/kWh and battery power for just 1.3¢/kWh.

Tesla Corutsy