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Energy and the Environment

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  1. Introduction
  2. Transport Fuels
    5 Topics
  3. Energy Sources: Fossil Fuels
    8 Topics
  4. Energy Sources: Renewables
    10 Topics
  5. Electricity
    10 Topics
  6. Energy Sources: Nuclear
    6 Topics
  7. Demand Response
    6 Topics
  8. Energy/Emissions Policy
    15 Topics
  9. Energy Economics
    2 Topics
    1 Quiz
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Early Vehicles

Abdulaziz July 14, 2020
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  • Electric cars were first created in the early to mid 1800s
  • By 1900:
    • 38 % Of American Cars Were Electric
    • 40 % were powered by steam
    • 22 % by gasoline
  • Settled on petrol & diesel burned in an ICE:
    • High energy density per unit volume
    • Easy to transport to refueling areas
    • Simplicity of the tank design
      • In car
      • In storage
    • Easy, fast to refill tanks (pumping)
current gas station, electric gas station, electric car

Electric Car Revolution

Most people mean “electric car” when they say “electric vehicle.” Electric vehicles could also be electric trains, trams, bicycles, skateboards, and so on, but that’s not what most people think about when they think about electric vehicles. To keep things simple, I’m mostly just delving into the history of “electric cars” in this article. However, at times, I extend a little beyond that category …

Car charging symbol painted on asphalt.
Car charging symbol painted on asphalt.

// Henry Ford and Thomas Edison were collaborating on an electric vehicle

Ford, Edison and the Cheap EV That Almost Was

“Within a year, I hope, we shall begin the manufacture of an electric automobile. I don’t like to talk about things which are a year ahead, but I am willing to tell you something of my plans. The fact is that Mr. Edison and I have been working for some years on an electric automobile which would be cheap and practicable.” …

automobiles, henry ford, vintage