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Process Synthesis

Abdulaziz July 7, 2020
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Process Synthesis:

  • Systematic procedure in creation of a chemical process.
  • The most important step in this procedure is the choice of the chemical synthesis or routes to produce the desired product.

Process Synthesis beings with

  1. Defining the problem statement
    • Production of Vinyl Chloride which has multiple alternatives
    (different routes of production)
  2. Gathering information
    • Literature survey, Design reports, Encyclopedias, Handbooks and
    reference books, etc
  3. Determining all viable routes to achieve the objective (producing a
    desired product)

Process Design (After Process Synthesis)

  1. A step‐by‐step procedure for forming preliminary database and
    developing synthesis tree of potential flowsheets
  2. Identifying the base case with detailed process flow diagram (PFD),
    material and energy balance and a list of the major equipment.