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PFD shows all process engineering information

  • A PFD contains the bulk of the Chem. Eng. data necessary for the design of a chemical process.
  • Often PFD is drawn on large paper – certain information in accompanying tables
Hammerfest Island Muolkkut Northern Norway, gas processing plant
Hammerfest Island Muolkkut Northern Norway, gas processing plant
  • A typical commercial PFD will contain the following information:
    • All major pieces of equipment in the process will be represented along with a descriptive name and number.
      • All process flow streams will be shown and identified with a number.
      • A description of the process conditions and chemical composition of each stream will be included.
      • All utility streams supplied to major equipment that provides a process function will be shown.
      • Basic control loops will be shown.
  • Basic information provided by a PFD:
    • – Process Topology
    • – Stream Information
    • – Equipment Information
13 Process flow diagram for diaphragm cell process. (From World Bank and United Nations Industrial Development Organization. Industrial pollution prevention and abatement: Chlor-alkali industry. Pre-publication Draft, Environment Department, Washington, DC, 1994.) 
Process flow diagram for membrane cell process. (From U.S. EPA; Electrochemistry
Encyclopedia, Brine Electrolysis, http://electrochem.Cwru.edu/ed/encycl/art-b01-brine.htm.)