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  • BFD shows overall processing picture of a chemical complex
    • Flow of raw materials and products may be included on a BFD
    • BFD is a superficial view of facility – ChE information is missing
  • Useful as an orientation tool
  • Used to sketch out and screen potential process alternatives.
chemical plant equipment closeup
chemical plant equipment closeup

// Block Flow Process Diagram

  • –Starting point for developing PFD
  • –Helpful in conceptualizing new processes Similar to sketches in material and energy balances

// Block Flow Process Diagram

  • Gives a general view of a large complex plant
  • Limited information is provided
Chemical plant
Chemical plant

// The Generic Block Flow Process Diagram

There are features common to all chemical processes. The Figure below provides a generic Block Flow Process Diagram that shows a chemical process broken down into six basic areas or blocks.

  • Each of these blocks may contain several unit operations. For example, A separation section might contain (four distillation columns, two flash units, and a liquid-liquid decanter)
  • Reactor Feed preparation and Separator Feed Preparation sections mainly involve changing the conditions (temperature and pressure) of the process streams to the conditions required by the reactor or separator.