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Generic Structure of PFD

Abdulaziz July 11, 2020
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  • To show that the evolution of every process follows a similar path.
  • To provide a framework to generate alternative PFDs for a given process.
  • Factors determining choice of alternative route
    • Cost of raw materials
    • Value of by-products
    • Complexity of the synthesis
    • Environmental impact of waste materials

// Feedstock/product interaction

// Hierarchy of Conceptual Process Design

  1. Decide whether the process will be  batch or continuous.
  2. Identify the input-output structure of the  process.
  3. Identify and define the recycle  structure of the process.
  4. Identify and design the general structure of  the separation system.
  5. Identify and design the heat-exchanger  network or process energy recovery  system.

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Designing new processes:   [1-2-3-4-5]
Analyzing existing processes: [5-4-3-2-1]

Foreman with blueprint
Foreman with blueprint