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Heuristics‐Recycle System

Abdulaziz July 8, 2020
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Some heuristics for recycle system from Seider et al.:
• Introduce purge streams to provide exits for species that enter as impurities in feed or are formed in irreversible side reactions, when these are in trace amounts and/or are difficult to separate.
• Lighter species leave via vapour purge, heavier species via liquid purge.
• Do not purge valuable, toxic or hazardous species (even in small quantities for latter two). Add separators for valuable species and reactors, if possible, to eliminate toxic and hazardous species.
• By‐products that are produced in reversible reactions, in small quantities, are usually recycled to extinction rather than purged or separated.

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// Example: Ammonia production from N2 and H2

The process involves the following reaction at high pressures (200‐400 atm)

N2 + 3H2 ↔ 2NH3

Trace amount of argon accompany nitrogen feed, which is recovered from air, and trance amounts of methane accompany hydrogen, which is produced by steam reforming (CH4 + H2O ↔ 3H2 + CO).

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