Quiz 2 of2

Midterm 2

Abdulaziz July 22, 2020

General Instructions

  • This is an open book exam. This exam is not proctored.
  • But you must take the exam alone. No interaction with other students is allowed.
  • You can start this exam anytime between 11:00am and 11:15am. You will have 50 minutes once you begin. We cannot accept late scripts. Note, if you start at 11:15am the latest submission time is 12:05pm.
  • If you have technical problems please contact us immediately. We cannot help you after the end of the exam. We are available via Zoom using the usual lecture meeting. You can also call into this meeting if you have no internet.
  • Each question is answered sequentially. The answer will lock after you complete it. Make sure you are finished before moving on to the next question.
  • To help you plan your time, the exam structure is as follows:
    • Questions 1-8: multiple choice questions (6 marks each; 48 marks in total)
    • 2 short answer questions on the labor market.
      • Question 9: 10 marks.
      • Question 10: 16 marks.
    • 2 short answer questions on the Romer model
      • Question 11: 10 marks.
      • Question 12: 16 marks.
  • When you have finished, make sure you hit “Submit”. Also, be careful you don’t hit Submit accidentally in the middle of the exam!