Intermediate Macroeconomics

Abdulaziz · July 21, 2020

Scope and Objectives

This class is designed to further develop key topics related to macroeconomics. This includes income, employment, and prices. The course focuses on models of long-term growth as well as the business cycle under static and dynamic settings.

Learning Outcomes

Assuming you satisfactorily complete the requirements of this course, this course will enable you to demonstrate the following.

  1. Calculate real GDP, GDP Deflator, and CPI
  2. Analyze production functions and their properties.
  3. Explain the interrelationships between production, goods, and savings markets.
  4. Mathematically explain the relationship between money and inflation
  5. Analyze key determinants of long-run economic growth.
  6. Analyze key forces determining the business cycle.
  7. Describe the effects of fiscal and monetary policies in the long- and short-run


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Course Includes

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