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Abdulaziz July 26, 2020
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  1. Define a crystalline solid.
  2. What parameters define a unit cell?
  3. What are the 14 Bravais unit cells? (no need to memorize but know them)
  4. What are the three most common metal crystal structures?
  5. How many atoms are there in a conventional unit cell of GaAs and Si crystal structures?
  6. What is the difference in the stacking arrangement of close-packed planes in (a) HCP crystal structure and (b) the FCC crystal structure?
  7. Define Atomic Packing Factor (APF).
  8. Which is the most densely packed plane in FCC structure? (Tutorial)
  9. What is the notation used to indicate a family of cubic crystallographic planes?
  10. What are the directions of the <100> family for a unit cube?
  11. What are the planes in the {100} family of planes of the cubic system?
  12. What is the Bragg condition?