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Crystal Plane and Crystal Direction

Abdulaziz July 26, 2020
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  • In modern microelectronics, it is often important to know the in plane crystallographic directions of a wafer and this can be accomplished using Miller indices. During manufacturing of the circular wafer disk, it is common to introduce a flat to indicate a specific crystal direction.
  • Planes of lattice points play an important role in the physics of the diffraction of wave by crystals; so it is necessary to have a method of identifying the different sets.
  • In explaining crystal properties, we must frequently specify a direction in a crystal, or a particular plane of atoms. Many properties are directional within the crystal; such as elastic modulus, electrical resistivity and magnetic susceptibility
  • Certain devices fabrication processes require alignment along a preferred direction in the surface plane of a wafer—this tailors the device properties.

Material Characteristics Provided

  • Diameter: Wafer Size, Resistivity, Thickness
  • Type/Dopant: p type/Boron (B), n-type/Phos(P), n-type/Antimony (Sb), n-type/Arsenic (As)
  • Orientation: <111>, <100>, <110>