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Treatment of Refinery Gases

Abdulaziz July 6, 2020
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  • Removal of H2S from gases is usually performed by absorption in the liquid phase.
  • The concentrated H2S is frequently converted to elemental sulphur by the “Claus” process (partial oxidation of H2S)
  • In the Claus process 95-97% of the H2S is converted.
  • H2S is often removed with solvents that can be regenerated, usually alkanolamines: e.g. CH2(OH)CH2NH2 MEA (mono-ethanolamine).
  • These amines are highly water soluble with low volatility and their interaction with H2S is much faster than with CO2 so that the amount of absorbed CO2 can be limited by selecting appropriate conditions.
Amine gas treating - Wikipedia
Flow scheme for H2S removal by amine absorption
Flow scheme of a typical Claus process